Blitz Brigade background

The game.

I want to share this experience I had with the game, Blitz Brigade. In case you don’t know the game it is a first person shooter multiplayer mobile game. Basically a call of duty clone. Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way. Here I go.

It was your average night and I decided to play some Blitz Brigade. I grabbed my iPhone five and launched the game. The main menu came up. I checked all my weapons and then headed to quick play because I wanted to get into the action faster. I really didn’t care what mode the game put me into.

The map come up. It was death match at the UFO crash site. Yes! My favorite map. I picked gunner because he’s my main class and started to play. A couple matches went by normally. Here’s where things started to get weird.

My main weapon was suddenly not working as well. That couldn’t be possible. I had already bought the upgrades for all of them. I quickly went to check and to my surprise, my weapon’s durability was at zero with the upgrade. What the hack, once you buy an upgrade the weapon never loses durability again.

I tired repairing it for 1036 coins only to be greeted by this strange message: your weapon cannot be repaired since it has be downgraded by (.). Who was this player? I tried searching up his name to no success. When I went back to the weapons screen I couldn’t believe what I saw.

All my weapon’s durabilities were now at zero, the place with the new weapons now said: you cannot purchase this weapon since it had been downgraded by (.). my character was now back at level one.

Before I could react a message popped up on screen. It then kicked me back to the app screen on my phone. I’m still thinking about what this message meant to this day.

You have been degraded to rank -12.

Written by Skyrim90000

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