Me and my friend were looking for games for are NS64. We found a copy of banjo and kazooie. We went the coster. The coster said you can it for $2. We give him some money and ran home.

We ture on the NS64. We played the game. Something is worng. The tille of the game was named banjo and kazooie.exe. The game had no tooty in it. They will playing as kazooie.  banjo HAD red eyes. Kazooie walk showle to banjo. A textbox pop up in the game, It said

DO'T YOU DARE TURE OFF THE GAME. Me and my friend ran out my room. We told are parnets. We said banjo has red eyes. My parnets said to take a break. It was a 2 hour break. Arter the break. Me and my friend went back to playing more banjo and kazooie.exe. A text box pop up in the game. It said



I stared to play level 2.

The map was name banjo landy. Everything was red and black. A haunted house was the main thing in the map. Kazooie was mad at something. It was about banjo with the red eyes. Kazooie walk up to banjo again.

banjo look behind. A text pop up in the game. it said


Everything was on fire. banjo was making fun of kazooie. Banjo was runing show. For about 2 mins, banjo hit kazooie, kazooie  was crying. Banjo kill kazooie. Me and my friend play as tooty.

Level 3 was named

Tooty kill's ????????

The map was now glay,black and red. For about 5 mins, a flash apper in the game.And there was Blood apper in the game.

My mom said will have to go to a party. The party had 5 year olds. Me and my friend said to my mom.

Me: can well get the NS64 plz

Mom: yes


I went to my friend's room. Banjo apper in the game. I hear something. My friend told me to look behind you.

It was a banjo with red eyes in real life

Banjo said


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