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The bag.

When you are hiking in the woods, you may come across a bag of rice on the ground that will look very red. Upon inspecting it, you will notice that the bag has several odd looking symbols on its cover. During the day, nothing will happen if you inject it and it will be perfectly normal in every way.

The real secret of the rice is if you murder someone and cover the rice with blood at midnight. Upon eating some of the rice you will feel a tingling sensation slowly spreading across your entire body.

Once you feel this reach your entire body, quickly toss the bag away from you. The further you toss it the better. You may now continue with what you were doing. For the next two years you will be unstoppable. No one will be able to kill or wound you. Meanwhile, you will now be able to kill anyone you wish with little effort no matter what types of weapons you use. I highly recommend signing up to fight in wars.

However, after the deadline has passed all the pain you have avoided will all bounce back to you at once.

Good luck, and use the time well.                     

Written by Skyrim90000