Hi, my name is jake and I am a devoted shrek fan. Today, after renting a copy of shrek 2, I had one of my worst shrek experiences. I got home and was feeling amazing I held my shrek 2 copy in my hands and ran inside. I didn't even lock the door. After removing the disc from the case I noticed The disc was a plain DVD with the words "shek to" written in black sharpie. I shrugged it off and said it must be a bootleg copy. I inserted it into my shrek skinned ps3 and started the movie. It was static for a second and then cut to shrek standing in his swamp. He had no expression and his shoulders sagged as he stared blankly at the camera. The his jaw dropped open in a abnormally slow manor and I heard static. As I reached for the controller to turn the movie off I heard the static stop. I looked up to see shrek onscreen with his eyes bleeding. The video started playing an audio clip. It was shrek saying "donkeh no" in odd distorted tones. I heard a scream rising in the background and then it blared to full volume. The piercing scream stunned me and I quickly grabbed the controller and tried to exit the movie. No menus would show up and the scream continued. I got desperate and yanked my ps3 power cord out of the wall. The screaming stopped. I was afraid to plug the playstation back in to remove the disc. But then the disc just shot out. It hit my leg and cracked. I saw something in the shiny reflection of the disc. There was something above me. I looked up and a saw a small piece of paper stuck to my living room ceiling. I got up on my couch and pulled down the note. In red pen it read simply. "It's never ogre, do not run." I flipped over the piece of paper to see a photo of me running to my house holding the shrek 2 movie case. I freaked out and called the cops. I told them that I was being stalked and to please send a unit to my house. Then the officer on the line cut out. I heard a thick ogre accent say. "This is my swamp." My phone immediately turned off. I am hiding in my room as I type this..please help.

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