Note: I didn't write this pasta, I'm just posting it here.

Hello today im going to tell you the story of a boy named Luke, Luke was a nice kid never wanted to hurt any one never wanted to kill any one all e wanted to do as make friends sadly he could not, so Luke has a dog named skipper Luke all ways walks him but he never wanted to walk him at night for at night some thing bad happens, Ever night Luke must walk the dog and if a driver looks Luke in the eyes he/she gets bad lucky vary bad luck so bad that they die most of the time from a car crash, Luke dose not know why this happens he thinks its the dog but maybe just maybe its him stuff like this keeps Luke awake at night, i now know what your thinking how do you of all people know all this be cease i am Luke me im the kid who kills all the poor people so if you're going to silver lack (where i live btw) please for the love of god in haven keep your eyes on the road

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