Note: This feature has been permanently removed from this wiki. Please do not suggest a pasta. If you do so, your suggestion will be ignored.



...and the Oscar for the shittiest pasta of the month goes to...

Every month, you guys and I will pick the best bad creepypasta on this site and I will feature it on the front page of this wiki for all of you to read it.

If you want to suggest a story that you think should be on this poll, tell me its name in the comments and I'll add it here.

If there happens to be a tie between 2 or more stories then I'll break the tie by voting myself. However, I'll only vote in this if and only if I have to break a tie.


1) You are not allowed to suggest a pasta which has already won this before. If you suggest one, your suggestion will be ignored.

2) Don't nominate your own pasta. Nominate someone else's pasta. If you nominate your own pasta, your suggestion will be ignored. I won't put any of my stories here unless someone else suggests them. However, I'm not going to vote for my own story if someone nominates it. Lastly, I am allowed to nominate stories I posted here as long as they are written by someone else as I do that often.

3) You're only allowed to suggest 3 stories per month. This way, we will prevent too many entries from popping up. If you suggest more than 3 stories, I will add in the first 3 stories you suggested.

4) You aren't allowed to suggest a story which is in the "Popular Stories" category because those stories are already popular. If you do so, your suggestion will be ignored.

The Stories for July, 2016

Camp Cinnamon written by: Cinnamonface

The Intestine written by: anthony

Poll for the July, 2016 Winner

Poll will open on July 16.

To see all the past winners, go here.

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