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Welcome to the Bad Creepypasta Wiki

A good creepypasta can be enough to send the reader to bed with the lights on. A bad one can just be hilarious.

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This is a collection of some of the most retarded creepypastas ever circulated around the internet, whether intentional or not. Have fun reading!

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What is bad creepypasta?

The Creepypasta Wiki defines creepypasta as "essentially internet horror stories, passed around on forums and other sites to disturb and frighten readers." This Wiki is devoted to what happens when those horror stories backfire completely.

Bad creepypasta, also known as retarded creepypasta, or crappypasta, is, of course, when a creepypasta stops being scary and just begins to enter the realms of stupid. It could be because of cliché overuse, writing the whole thing in caps, being straight up pretentious, not working out its own easily explainable mystery, having numerous spelling and grammar mistakes ... anything.

Latest Bad Creepypastas Added

The link gives the complete list of the new pages added here, but here's some pastas so bad that become hilarious and some parodypastas:

Untitled Reddit Parodypasta

The Typewriter...............................OF DOOM!!!! and X by BrianBerta

Furby vs Mr. Widemouth

You think u r safe with a night light? a hidden not-gem from

The Couch Potato Ritual

The Blink Challenge Ritual

The Museum Ritual

Warning Message About Spongebob also by BrianBerta

It Follows You - an intentionally bad and pretentious creepypasta

Does anyone know a good plumber? - a hilarious parody of ritual pastas from Reddit, you cannot miss it!

Slenderman Run

Snuff Films and How They've Effected Me

The crazy, evil, and spooky killer

The Knife Ritual all by BrianBerta

The Fearsome Runner - intentionally bad ritual pasta

What's Wrong with Me? (A Tragic Story) - the story of a man who decides that a rope and a chair are the only way to overcome his loneliness. Creepy and heartbreaking at the same time.

The Ritual for Clever People - do you think you are smart? Try this ritual, then!

Bad Pasta of the Month

June, 2016 Winner: The spooky story of the spooky mann written by: A Wikia Contributor:

WARNING! This sotry will assplode you head into ten melliong pieces. Risk at you're own read.

Spooky story of the spooky mann.

Once up and on a time, theyre was a game taht is was called torofftess 2.

Read more here.

Troll pasta

Troll pasta is deliberately bad creepypasta, made to spoof the clichés of the genre. The three most famous troll pastas are:

THEN WHO WAS PHONE - spoofs unimaginative stories and bad grammar

THEN A SKELETON POPPED OUT - spoofs anticlimaxes and stories written in caps only

TEH DAY OF ALL TEH BLOD - spoofs just about everything

Unfortunately there are a lot of troll pastas, most of them more lazy than clever themselves. Some really aren't funny.

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