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Welcome to the Bad Creepypasta Wiki

A good creepypasta can be enough to send the reader to bed with the lights on. A bad one can just be hilarious.

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This is a collection of some of the most retarded creepypastas ever circulated around the internet, whether intentional or not. Have fun reading!

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One day i was looking for games like minecraft, portal and call of duty. I found a copy of pokemon silver. I ask the casher and he said you can have it for free. I was like ALL MY GOD I GET POKEMON FOR FREE!!!!!!!!

I ran home, Put my pokemon game in the dishwasher and play some pokemon. My eyes pop out and i scream. But it was fake eyes. I notice that the game was hacked. I got my first pokemon. The name of the pokemon was name YOU WILL DIE MR.

A textbox appear. It said " DO YoU WaNt To PLaY A GaMe? " The map was all on fire. Everything was red and black. I saw a doll with blood. I think it was tails doll. 

The game went pitch black. I saw the doll launghing and screaming at the sametime. The doll ran out the sceen and kill me.

Created By PokeTroll67

What is bad creepypasta?

The Creepypasta Wiki defines creepypasta as "essentially internet horror stories, passed around on forums and other sites to disturb and frighten readers." This Wiki is devoted to what happens when those horror stories backfire completely.

Bad creepypasta, also known as retarded creepypasta, or crappypasta, is, of course, when a creepypasta stops being scary and just begins to enter the realms of stupid. It could be because of cliché overuse, writing the whole thing in caps, being straight up pretentious or straight up ridiculous ... anything.

Troll pasta

Troll pasta is deliberately bad creepypasta, made to spoof the clichés of the genre. The three most famous troll pastas are:

THEN WHO WAS PHONE - spoofs unimaginative stories and bad grammar

THEN A SKELETON POPPED OUT - spoofs anticlimaxes and stories written in caps only

TEH DAY OF ALL TEH BLOD - spoofs just about everything

Unfortunately there are a lot of troll pastas, most of them more lazy than clever themselves. Some really aren't funny.

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