Note: I did not write this pasta, I am just posting it here. I found it on Creepypasta Wiki, where it stayed for a couple of minutes before getting deleted.

So I am the same person who was haunted by BEN. After I dealt with the entity on my Nintendo 64 I adopted a child and I named Him Ben. I told him all about BEN DROWNED. He said he wanted to be like BEN I said he could not because He wasn't dead so in late 2015 i got a 3DS XL with majoras mask 3D Ben asked if he could play. So together we made it to stone tower the day Ben died of cancer.I bet stone tower for him and my game was f.cked up. Clock town was so scary I went to off my handheld when a textbox said that wont help. The soldiers all said the same thing they would say to Deku Link. I ran inside clock town tower the happy mask salesman said why did you do that Dad. no No NO I phoned up my buddy's Andrew and Matthew and Tommy. But again the elegy of EMPTINESS went again and all 4 of them when my freinds arrived all I heard was this wont work Dad Stop anything Dad.The only thing we could do was shut off the game all of us were trapped in my house.We did It did not work. We jumped out the window ran to Bens Grave and buried the game with Ben That stopped it for Now.Oh and remember Ben wont stand people who use other save files.

By Fizzypopninja113

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