The Deceased Woman in the story. Brutally Murdered by these very men...

A Woman is shown to be tied up in an old wooden chair, Under two serial Killers basement.


They proceed to torture her in miraculous ways.

They then proceed to killer her off, and force her to chew down one of her boyfriends Toes, causing her to choke to death. After that, The Two Troubled Killers leave their basement, and devises a plan, in which revolves around the slaughtering of innocents, All across their neighborhood.

Their first target, A daycare center across the street from their Household.  It was 5 minute before dismissal for the children at this center, and Peter and crusty Came up with a plan To "Ice those cunts"......"Disembowlment". The bell rang, and as the children began to leave.....Crusty Pulled Out a Gun, and pointed the gun at their Faces and said "Freeze, Mothafuckas!". The children all stood still, and the teacher began to Reach out for her phone, to contact the police---*BANG! All the children proceeded to Run wildly, but as this was happening....Peter took out his grenade and Threw it directly at the Children. Thus, Killing them and proceeded with their plan. Peter Disembowled the children, revealing their organs and Sweet Pink Flesh!  Crusty, then went on to record this viscous act, and looking at one of the dead children's bodies....He went on to say  the most Gut-Wrenching Thing possible..."You don't gotta worry about growing up now, Ya little shits!". The Footage would end there, and I am going to go as far as to saying this, these monsters are STILL at large. 

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