Note: I did not create this story and I am in no way taking credit for writing it. I'm just passing it on.

Hi. Im Jamy Brucks, ive recently created something im not proud of. one day i was talking with my friends Alex and Matt while i was making a picture in my adobe photoshop CS6. it was suppose to be a picture of me in a skeleton mask. when i got finished i went to SAVE AS and typed in “apocalypse.DENIED”and saved it as a jpeg file to my desktop. when i went to look for it. it was a “.DENIED” file and when i opened it…it wouldn’t let me. i sent it to a hacker friend of mine named James. when he opened it. it up was a bunch of code. he decoded the file and what he saw shocked him. it was a picture of DEATH himself. my friend died later that day of unknown causes. i say it was because of that picture. now i am forced to have that picture on my computer i couldn’t help but feel bad for my friend. i opened the picture and sure as i was \, it was a picture of death himself. later that night i slept horrably. i had terrible nightmares. in my dreams was death telling me i was goin to die if i didn’t show the picture to everyone. i know this sounds crazy but its true. i told death “NO” and now im typing this into my blog and just waiting for death to take me too. and i swear before i die im burning my computer. i just hope death doesnt send this file to anyone and i hope you’ll never have to see this acursed file in your life. Please let god be with you…

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