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The error.

Before I start I just want to get this out of the way. You will have to think of the answer yourself.

It all started when I was looking up info on animals for my school project. The first few websites I entered seemed like hoaxes made by internet trolls. All they contained were some random stuff which I highly doubt was true. Frustrated, I hit backspace for the 24th time.

The next website on the list caught my attention immediately. I was quite shocked by the name. It was simply called The description said it contained lots of info on animals. When I tried entering I got this message.

This site may contain content that is not viewable for all ages.

I was confused when the website loaded because it appeared like any other information site. I quickly went through the links and in one hour I had completed my project. This website was huge so I decided to continue searching for fun. That was when I first saw it.

There was a button on one of the pages that said: press here to activate rage mode. (Not advised). Since I knew this was odd I went to press it. Before I could however my laptop went dark. Shoot, I forgot to charge it yesterday before I went to bed. Good thing I saved my project or I would have to remake it again.

Once I plugged my laptop in and booted it up again the website refused to load. Strange, it was working before. I tried reloading it ten times to no success. I eventually gave up and went on my day.

To this day I’m still wondering what that button does.

Written by Skyrim90000

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