There i was, minding my own business, walking around the neighborhood. And then all the sudden there was a garage sale. There was an old cartridge of Alex Kidd in Miracle World, but it was black and there was blood in it. It was formerly owned by a kid who died after being beaten repeatedly by a bunch of salamanders. It was very cheap and the guy who was selling it was pointing a gun at me, so i decided to buy it. I was very excited to re-live the sweet memories of my childhood. I was ready to Jan-Ken Pon that shit up, until the initial screen showed up.

It was in black and the letters where covered with ultra-mega-realistic blood. In the bottom left it was written Sega 666. "Press start to DIE" was flashing on the screen in gnome blood color. "Just a glitch, maybe". I begun playing the game. I had 6 lives, 6 continues and i was in the world 6-6. Throughout the entire level only 6 enemies showed up and Alex Kidd had 6 heads. "Just a glitch, maybe", i thought.

I reached in the first boss, but he was depressed and was bleeding. Next to him was a cute seal, but it was clubbed to death by a bunch of robots. The boss then went out of the game from my TV screen and punched my nuts. And it was then that i realized...that wasn't a glitch...IT WAS A HACK! After i defeated the boss, i was dragged to the depths of hell and i'm now being tortured for the entire eternity.

To sum it all up, suspect if your videogame character has 6 heads.

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