During a bus ride that Evan was on, his bus got involved in a crash. He was sitting near the back of the bus when it happened. It was raining that day, and the bus driver was going way too fast on the highway. When they took a sharp turn, the bus began to lose control. The bus driver tried to stop it, but he was unable to. With the bus spinning, Even fell out of his seat into the aisle way. He started to get back up as he tried to get back into his seat quickly. Nobody else fell out of their seats. As soon as he got back up, the back of the bus got wedged between 2 trees and it got stuck. Evan was thrown to the back of it where he accidentally opened the emergency exit door. The bus stopped right at the edge of the bridge. Everybody else on the bus was okay. There were just a couple minor injuries such as a scrape or a small cut. However, Evan wasn't so lucky. He was thrown off of the bridge. He fell 75 feet and he landed on rocks protruding out of the water head first. He died instantly.

"Where am I?" Evan said. He looked around and he saw that he was in a pitch black room. He couldn't see the ground he was walking on. He got up to his feet. He remembered the bus crash.

"Am I dead?" Evan said shaking in fear. He saw a door far off in the distance. He ran to it. When he opened it, everything went white. When he woke up, he was lying down in the center of the road next to the bus crash. Ambulances arrived there, and they were trying to get the bus back on the road as it narrowly avoided falling off of the bridge, killing many more people. He ran up to one of the paramedics.

"Sir, what's going on?" Evan asked. However, the man did not respond to him. He didn't even notice him. He asked him again, and he still got no response. He was trying to ask anyone if they could hear him, but nobody responded to Evan.

He accepted the fact that he had died. However, he needed to see his body first. When he got down the hill, he saw his body lying in the river with a sheet over his head. He tried to take the sheet off of him, but he passed right through it. Suddenly, his body grabbed him. Evan screamed in terror.

The fake Evan said "We will all die, and come here. There is no escape from this place. You need to stay here now. There is no heaven. This is your afterlife."

Another masterpiece made by: BrianBerta

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