Note: I did not write this pasta, I am posting it here for preservation.

I was a huge beatles fan growing up in the 80s when beatlemania was happening again and jon lenon was brutely murdured by chatman. as you can see, I hate most modern music like justin beaver katy parry and 1 direction. I once decided to go to the garage sell on the next neighborhood nextdoor. I looked at the vinyl lp records and found an copy of abbey road from 1969 but i noticed that somone wrote 666 on the cover with a sharpy but i payed no attention to it and bought it for $0.01 dollors. then i realised i had no turntable record player and bought 1 for $30.00.

I took  the stuf home and hooked the record player to the old stereo.  i took abey road out but it was hevaly scrached like a cat was clawing all over it and i noticed that the label had the words Abbey Road 666 on it but i ignored that and tried to play it on the turntable. it played to my suprice and sounded really purfect.  Until i got to the abbey road medley where it stopped playing all of the sudden but i checked the turntable and it was still working and then some weird audio started playing and IT SOUNDED PAUL DIEING!!!!1!!!!one!!!!  It sounded like a car crushing while it was raining and it played raning sounds for 15 minetes until I started hearing the voices of other beatles and I heard John said "NO I AM THE WALRUS"!!!!!  And I was realy scared and I wet and crapped myself at the same time at mach 11 and it sounded like Paul being buryed and the record stopped playing.  The record stop playing and I took the record.

I took the record and threw it out the window and i now cry myself to sleep at nite.

Written by Supernintendo128

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