Evil Obama man, the most evil man that was ever besides satan, is trying to go away our baby jesus in order to make the kids gay. He wants interstellar travel to the time and place where without the baby jesus the gay kids make stan his god machine and then a dolt jesus comes back and battles him because he was to lazy to do so as osama was makin deh kids gay. Then them gays gonna steal are guns. The plot twist is that im in the tim where evil osama man makes our kids gay without the babe jesus. but before I am loose gun my lord and saviour donald trump came and built that wall and now noh mehican gqayz. In order to stop the kids gay please donate 5$ to me by burning it while shoutin u hate the baby jeuse an luve them guys. Or maybe backwards. The point is obama = osama and dey gunna take your gun so uh can never make straight love with ur wife bertha. Stap dat.

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