Ghosts and monsters. Harry when he was little had a dream that he had relatives from China. His Auntie and his Uncle and their dog. A husky that was always smiling.His Uncle worked as a postman. One halloween night his Uncle was on his rounds and the dog came with him. They got to a man’s house at midnight. He put the letter through the door, the door opened, a man was there, he pulled the postman and the dog in the house. There was a low screem as if someone had been stabbed and a noise and then a howl as if the dog has been electrocuted. That night his went missing and so did the dog! When Harry woke up he was sweating, he was sweating blood. 5 years later on the exact same day. Harry was walking round the school playground screaming SMILE DOG and his face was purple. I even saw. His friend Caitlin had every time she woke up seen a women dressed in black with 10 children in white clothes. Everytime she sees this she runs away and screems. Her best friend India was one day walking past a tree and got grabbed in and she hears the same words everytime “SLENDER MAN, LISTEN AND YOU WON’T BE HARMED!” and then is sleeping next to the woods an hour after. Finally ther is Daniel, he loves ghost stories but one night he was found sleeping outside and he had glaring red eyes. Now he does not believe any of these and everytime somone mentions a ghost storie his eyes turn red…

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