Note: I did not write this pasta, I am just posting it here.

You bought a new computer. You don't like laptops, you always end up leaving them charging and the battery dies too soon.

As soon as you buy it you decide to return home immediately. You travel the distance from the shop to the car on foot (translater's note: sic!), hand-carrying it.

It isn't the first you buy and you and you notice that usually a desktop computer weights a lot less, but you give it no importance and keep on walking.

You arrive at your car, you lay it down and start the car. You arrive home, you start climbing the stairs and you hear faint sighing coming from the new purchase, but you tell yourself that it's just the wind and it doesn't come from the computer.

You enter your home and you immediately hook it up. It's good, really; surprisingly the people at the shop even sold it to you at an awesome discount. You turn it on, in happiness, ready to configure it as you prefer. But it doesn't turn on. It's very strange.

It makes a strange noise, as if something is blocking the processors. Then you hear a faint scream of desperation and immediately after that a noise similar to a person exhaling. 

Shocked as much disappointed, you scratch your head, and deicde to call a technician who will take it away.

After a few days you receive a call from the same technician, who in turn had called the police.

Inside the computer he had found the body of a dead little girl.


A few hours after you had bought the computer.

Credited to Larvae of the Lie

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