Note: I did not write this pasta, I am just passing it on. This is a famous trollpasta.

it was a dark and stormy night in the town of fair field. flashes of lighting struck the ground creating a blueish smoke almost the kind you would find in movies. there was a house in the town of fair field, a house like no other it had 666 bed rooms 666 bath rooms. the owner of the house was a stingy woman named Oprah Winfrey. every night at least one child would go to her house and never come back. the towns people though that she would send them to africa so that a celebrity would be able to adopt them. Oprah could not be stopped. The only person who might be able to stop her was a man named Dr.Oz, he was a doctor in fair field. his work consisted of helping famous basket ball stars and there cats that are dealing AIDS. Dr.Oz and Oprah where conceived in the same pick up truck almost at same time. so along with the story. Dr.Oz and the towns people all had a meeting to discuss the problem and what they're were going to do about it. At the meeting majority of the population said that Oprah should be kill and the other half said no she should just be punished. They all decided to let Dr.Oz make the decision. Dr.Oz had a very hard time deciding what to do. so he decided to go with his instinct and kill her. later that night he snuck into one of her bed rooms gun in hand and a bottle of hand soap. He walked through many halls trying to find where Oprah was sleeping. then he spotted out a purple door, he assumed that was where she was. Dr.Oz opened the door and shot the gun and ran down the hall and left the house. a couple of days later he drove by Oprah's house and he saw her out side watering her grass, she gave him a stare and then looked away. apparently Oprah was never shot and she didn't notice the gun shot either. Yeah

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