Note: I didn't write this pasta, I am just posting it here.

There was an awful weather outside. Good old Michael was sitting on the couch, covered with a comfy wool plaid while he was watching an old movie on tv.

In the basket near the couch there were enough tissues to make another disgusting plaid.

His parents went to a dinner job with their colleagues and he managed to avoid it thanks to the cold he cought.

He had the home all for him: he could go to the bathroom leaving the door open and eat plum cakes while watching tv overall.

The crackling coming from the fireplace and the sonorous music of the movie were creating a pleasant contrast with the howling of the squall.

Even his sneezes that seemed to have a regular cadenza were accompanying that simphony of sounds well... that simphony that was unfortunately tragically interrupted by a sound quiet as much as it was unexpected.


"Bless You."

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